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Энди МакНаб. Огненная стена(ENGL)

Andy mcNab
Firewall [030-011-4.3]
Category: fiction spies


In his third outing (following Remote Control and Crisis Four , Nick Stone, Andy McNab's series SAS agent, is off the Firm's regular payroll owing to a major screw up in his last assignment that left his best friend's family slaughtered--except for the one child who survived. Little Kelly needs expensive treatment for the post-traumatic stress that's turned her nearly catatonic, so Nick takes on a freelance assignment that gets him mixed up with Russian organized crime--in particular, with an enigmatic mob boss who has designs on some Finnish cybertechnology. When Nick realizes it's not industrial espionage that he's involved with but military secrets, he's caught between warring factions of the Russian Mafia and the Anglo-American alliance of intelligence agencies. The Westerners will do anything to keep the Echelon program out of the hands of Valentin Lebed--the Chechnyan Mafioso who makes Nick an offer he can't refuse--and the Maliskia, a gang of rival Russian criminals who want to derail Lebed's plans and take over Echelon themselves. The action ranges from Helsinki to St. Petersburg to London, the weaponry is fully detailed, and the techniques of infiltration and retrieval carefully outlined; McNab, a former SAS commando who, according to the author's note "is still wanted by a number of terrorist organizations and is therefore forbidden to reveal his face or current location," obviously remembers every ache, pain, bruise, and injury he suffered in his life of derring-do, since they're all completely and graphically described here, too.

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FirewaLL by Andy McNab
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.
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McNab, Andy.
Firewall / Andy McNab.
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ISBN 0-7434-0626-5
1. Stone, Nick (Fictitious character)--Fiction. 2. Intelligence officers--Fiction. 3. British--Estonia--Fiction. 4. Estonia--Fiction. 5. Mafia--Fiction. I. Title.
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Энди МакНаб. Огненная стена(ENGL)

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